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    Is anyone using Liebert traps?


      I am finding them hard to alert on, and wondering if anyone is having success. Of course, it's difficult to test alerts without bringing the units down, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

      Here is an example of a trap I received in Orion:

      snmpTrapEnterprise = LIEBERT-GP-REGISTRATION-MIB:lgpNotifications
      experimental.1057.1 = [IP of unit]
      lgpConditionTime.40 = 19 days 17 hours 12 minutes 8.17 seconds
      lgpConditionDescr.40 = LIEBERT-GP-CONDITIONS-MIB:lgpConditionBypassVoltageUnqualified
      lgpConditionId.40 = 40
      snmpTrapOID = LIEBERT-GP-NOTIFICATIONS-MIB:lgpEventNotifications.0.1
      sysUpTime = 19 days 17 hours 12 minutes 8.19 seconds

      And here are the alert conditions I set up:

      Traps received where any of the following are true:

           SNMPv2-MIB:snmpTrapOID is equal to LIEBERT-GP-NOTIFICATIONS-MIB:lgpEventNotifications.0.1

      AND Traps received where any of the following are true:

           lgpConditionDescr.* is equal to LIEBERT-GP-CONDITIONS-MIB:lgpConditionBypassVoltageUnqualified

      My system admin tells me that this trap will indicate that utility power was lost (am I wrong in my feeling that this message is far from intuitive?), so that is what I want the alert to say. I also have one set up where the first condition ends with .0.2, which I believe indicates that the condition is no longer true, in which case my alert says utility power has been restored.

      However, I am not at all confident that the * after lgpConditionDescr. will work. But this could be any number (it is 40 in this trap, it was 2 in the one I got yesterday) so I don't see any other way to filter it. I set these alerts up yesterday after a generator test sent our units to UPS power, but I used lgpConditionDescr.2 instead of the * and we did not get alerts, so I changed it to * today after another generator test proved that the alerts didn't work.

      If anyone is successfully alerting from Liebert traps, please chime in here. I don't particularly want to alert on ANY trap, only specific ones, and I don't really want the receiver of the alert to have to filter through the trap message to determine exactly what happened.

      Thanks for any help,