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    IPFIX Packet Capture

    Andy McBride

      Hi Folks,

      Were looking for a few sample real-world packet captures from devices using IPFIX. We will only be using these for some internal testing of IPFIX support. Can anyone help us out?


        • Re: IPFIX Packet Capture

          Hi Andy,

          We are interested in IPFix functionality as we have a Nortel infrastructure. On configuring the IPFix parameters for obtain a capture for you, I have accepted the default options (which are configurable), these are: UDP dst prt 9995; Version preipfixv9 (other options are ipfix & preipfixv5)

          Now I must admit I cannot verify the attached capture file, so let me know if it is OK, etc....

          If you require any additional testing results, capture options, please don't hesitate to contact me.