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    Updating a license issue


      I'm trying to upgrade my current license from V250 to V500 but I'm unable to find my program serial number.

      If I use the help menu of the program and select license keys, I get forwarded to the correct page dispalying my "unused" license.

      I enter all necessary data, except the program serial number, and click on the help section in order to find the serial number.

      The following section is the description to find your serial number.

      Note: You can find your program serial number by clicking Skip this, and enter Software License Key now on the SolarWinds Network Management Tools window. The SolarWinds products present this dialog after the initial install of the product, before running the Configuration wizard. If you skipped this dialog, attempt to start any other SolarWinds application. For example, attempt to start the Orion System Manager.

      How do users with a current installation get to this page ? I tried already several things, like rerunnign the inital installation program and the configuration wizard. Neither of these showed me the screen with the program serial number.