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    Moving from external SQL to internal DB

      Our database is currently on a SQL 2005 server that is shared with other applications. We would like to move this database to Solarwinds server itself. Does anyone have advice on the best way to make this tranisition?

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          The Orion Server Migration document may be of some help, as well as the Administrator Guide.

          Note, however, that, depending on the size and complexity of your monitored network, it may be advisable to keep your SQL server separate from your Orion server, perhaps on a dedicated server. On page 10 of the Administrator Guide, in the Server Sizing section we recommend,

          "In some situations, it may be advantageous to install Orion Network Performance Monitor and SQL Server on different servers. If you experience performance problems or you plan to monitor a very large network, you should consider this option. Specifically, when monitoring 2000 elements or more, SolarWinds recommends installing SQL Server on a separate server. This scenario offers several performance advantages, as the Orion Network Performance Monitor server does not have to perform any SQL Server processing, and it does not have to share resources with SQL Server."