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    Help with an advanced alert/SQL query


      I have an alert that is triggered when response time of my routers are greater than 400ms.  In the email that I receive, I would like to be able to report a few different items and I am not sure how to do so.  I would like the email to look like this:

      Node ${NodeName} ${IP_Address} has an average response time of ${Node.AvgResponseTime} which falls above the 400ms threshold.

      CPU load for ${Node.Caption}: ${CPULoad}

      ${Node.Caption} memory utilization: ${PercentMemoryUsed}


      Xmit Utilization:

      Receive Utilization:

      I am able to get all of the information except for the last three items.  Can anyone please tell me what the correct SQL variable might be?  I am looking to report what the current utilization is on the Multilink interface.