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    v10 - % Utilization vs. Total Bandwidth


      Greeting to all...

      First, I love v10... Sure it's got a few "issues", but all in all very cool.

      Second, I'm running a graph of % Util vs Total Bandwidth used and I have 2 concerns...

      The graphs below show 2 sites AN and SC. Both have 2xT-1 (3.07M) in a bundle. The graphs are monitoring the multilink interface that handles that bundle.Both end routers are Cisco 3725's. Both circuit are running at 95% today due to some patching.

      1. Looking at the bottom chart (bandwidth used), you can see it's reading more then 3.07M by more then a full meg in some cases. Anyone know why?

      2. Looking at the top chart (% Utilization), if the bottom is showing > the total amount of BW, should this graph be off the chart too?


      Thanks for your help!



        • Re: v10 - % Utilization vs. Total Bandwidth

          Are you graphing Rx + Tx?  With Rx + Tx stats, we show percent util compared to Rx bandwidth + Tx bandwidth.  So, for an Rx + Tx graph on a 2 T-1 bundle at 3.07Mbps, the percent util would be calculated against 6.14Mbps. From the screenshots, it seems that the percent util is hovering around 60%, and the bandwidth is hovering between 3 and 4 Mbps, which seems to coincide with that theory.  You might try plotting out Rx and Tx for each interface separately.

          I've attached an example of one way you could go about it.  I've got two charts with Rx bandwidth, Tx bandwidth, Rx % Util and Tx % Util for each interface.  Let me know if this helps.