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    Importing nodes from NPM to CatTools



      Is there a way to export my node and SNMP credentials from NPM into CatTools, we have about 400 nodes in NPM and I don't want to enter them all into CatTools manually!

      I see it has an import option but don't know how to get the info out of NPM in the right format.



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          Orion Report Writer can export your nodes list into a csv file.

          Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Alerting, Reporting and Mapping > Report Writer

          File > New Report

          Select Inventory and click on Ok.

          In the Select Fields tab, configure what you need to export.

          Once done click on Execute SQL Query.

          then to export File > Export > Export to Comma Delimited File...


          Here are some details from the CatTools admin guide (Menus > file > Database > Import > Import devices from a tab delimited file).

          At a minimum, the file must contain the following fields:

          ·Type (The  type of device)  
          ·Name (A  unique name for the device)  
          ·HostAddress  (The IP address or hostname for the device)   
          ·Filename (A  unique filename for the device. No path or extension required)   

          Below are a  list of the device fields.