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    Switch Port Mapper in Solarwinds Workspace Studio

    Jason Ward


      Okay, maybe I am just overlooking it, but I can not seem to find where I can export the data from the Switch Port Mapper in the Studio window.  I see I can use the v9 version of it stand alone but I like the fact that there is additional column I can get with the v10 of the tool (I can now pull the vlan each port/MAC address is on).  Am I missing it or did that feature get removed?  While I am on it, did the command line version of export for the tool get released or is it still on the drawing board.



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          Aloha DaHaole - The command line version is included v10, in the installation folder as SWSPMCMD.exe, and it exports to plaint text or XML. It is DaKine.

          C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Engineer's Toolset>SWSPMCMD.exe /?

          SolarWinds SwitchPortMapper Command Line Version
          (c)Copyright SolarWinds 2009 All rights reserved.

          Usage:  <switch IP> <switch community> [<arp IP> <arp community> /scommv=<1|2> /
          arpcommv=<1|2> /showraw /xml /showstatus /nologo]

              <switch ip>             The IP Address of the switch to map
              <switch community>      The community string of the switch to map
              <arp ip>                The IP address of the device to get the ARP table fr
              <arp community>         The community string of the /arpip device.
              /scommv:    The SNMP version to use (2 is default)
              /arpcommv:  The SNMP Version to use for /arpip device. (2 default)
              /showraw    Shows all data retrieved for the devices
              /xml        Shows the output in XML format (instead of fixed width)
              /nologo     Hides the copyright line in the output.
              /nostatus   Hides the status messages in the output.



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              Jason Ward

              Mahalo Greg....

              Looks great, except that I am unable to get the DNS name resolution.  If I go through the UI with the same switch data and I get name resolution. (note the ip address has been changed to protect the innocent )

              C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Engineer's Toolset>SWSPMCMD.exe X.X.X.X public X.X.X.X public /scommv=2 /arpcommv=2 /xml /nologo /nostatus > C:\Temp\test.xml

              For example I get the following line:

               <MAC MACAddress="0003BAD87175" IPAddress="X.X.X.Y" DNS="" VLAN="6" />

              If I do a ping -a on it the name resolves to computername.

              Is this an expected result?  What I am trying to do is create a dynamic webpage that allows any one in the company to find which network switch port a particular machine in plugged into and to let us know if someone is moving the machine from port to port.  I can draw from other resources if necessary to get the name resolution, but since it showed in the UI I was hoping for the same to come through the command line export.


              Da Haole

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                Confused, the website sayis V10 Switchport mapper (GUI):

                "Export network discovery findings to Excel®, PDF, CSV and HTML"

                Is that not the case?  All versions before 10 could do this in the gui, has that changed with V10 and the "studio" and I now have to use a cmdline utility with 10 different variables to get it to excel or even a csv file?



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                Has any progress been made with exporting the Switch port mapper results in WorkSpace studio to another format ?

                The Switch port mapper tool in Workspace studio is of little use without being able to export/save/manipulate the data and generate reports for management.

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                    The switch port mapper gadget in the workspace studio will export the results to html, csv, or xml. Once you have the results, click the gadget menu in the gadget header and select "Export Table". From there you will be able to select the column and rows you want to export. This functionality is in Toolset 10.2 and later.