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    Poll Node from a Scirpt


      I am trying to find if it is possible to poll a device from a script.

      The context for my question is I would like to write a script to have NPM poll a device when I receive traps indicating that an interface is down. I have great advanced alerts written and would like to use those instead of trap rules, but the advanced alerts only work from polling, and with my large network I can only poll every 2 mins. I am getting in traps when an interface goes down, which is much better than polling because I can see when an interface is down less than 2 mins.

      I saw an earler post with a similar question but it really didnt answer my question: Poll a Device Poller from a Trap?

      My hope is that there is some exe I can run a script against like "ImTheExeOrionUsesToPoll.exe /poll myserver"

      Thanks in advance for any help!