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    V10 upgrade issue

      I just upgraded my V9.2 to V10, but the Network Performance Monitor chnaged the database location to user profile's application data folder. It used to be under the installation folder. I don't have enough space on drive C to store the big database. How can I do now?
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          Network.IT - There is an easy solution for this:

          • Close NPM
          • Create a file named: SWNetPerfMon.DB in the install location (Usually <Program Files>\SolarWinds\Engineer's Edition\)
          • In the file, place the following line:

          Connection=Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Mode=Share Deny None;Data Source=c:\swnetperfmon.cfg

          *BUT* replace the c:\swnetperfmon.cfg with the actual path and filename to your file.