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    Why V10 is still using ACESS DB?

      I have been using Engineer's toolset for many years, I renewed every year, but for the past year, no major upate since v9.2. Most of users like me are expecting V10 to use SQL server instead of using ACCESS to elimate the 2GB limit.

      When this can be implemented?

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          Network.IT - The Engineer's Toolset is not meant to be a full scale Enterprise class NMS (like our Orion product), so we are able to use an MS-Jet back end to keep engineering costs down, which then allows us to offer it at a great price.

          The Toolset is meant to be a Network Engineer's swiss army knife; a large collection of real-time monitoring, discovery, and troubleshooting tools and utilities.  The monitoring in the Toolset is often good enough for small shops to use as a lightweight NMS, but it will never have all the features of a true enterprise class NMS.