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    Additional Functionality in Portal Search Options


      When you want to do a syslog search in the portal some additional functionality is needed.

      Often times when your searching its because you are looking for something specific and the more granular your search can be the beter your chance of success. So..

      Addtional Search Filter Criteria:

      Filter by hostname, node object name or IP address pattern ie: containing   *D-building*

      Filter remove specific hostname, node object name or IP addresses pattern ie: not like *UPS-D-building*

      The net result of the above example would be messages from devices in a specific building excluding the messages from UPS's.

      filtering out syslog messages containing certain patterns would be helpful too. If im searching 30 days of syslogs from a device which returns 15 pages of results only one of which contains the information im looking for, being able to narrow the search is a big benefit.