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    Toolset v10 frustrations


      What does Workspace Studio do? It doesn't run for me. It starts to load then disappears with no errors. I'm wondering if I should bother to try and fix it, so if someone could tell me what the benefits are, I would appreciate it.


      I was really hoping that the new version was just that; a fix of the old tools that were flaky and added features that we've asked for. Instead it's the same applications with the same problems and lack of features. Some apps run, some don't, some come back with errors, some don't. It looks like the version number was updated and some pretty new icons added. Maybe that's why it was a free upgrade??? I've come to rely on other tools and really only use a couple of apps from the Toolset. For the cost of the Toolset, I'm not sure it's worth it anymore. Solarwinds, can you give us a warm fuzzy that you're improving the product? Yes added features like real-time Netflow are nice, but I think that the tools people use more frequently should be a higher priority (how about a poll?).


      Here are some of the errors I get.


      Switchport mapper and Send Page have not worked for a couple of versions. In IP Network Browser, I click on Settings so I can change the SNMP community string but nothing happens (last two versions). I can't change the string so I can't use the tool. This seems to be a very common issue I have across the tools. I'm not looking for a fix for my problems, just a fix for the Toolset so we have a central location to manage our networks.

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          ceclark - From the error messages you are getting, it seems that a re-installation or repair of the .NET 2.0 framework would be in order.



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            Andy McBride


            Sorry to hear of your trouble installing. The Workspace Studio is the main feature in the v10 launch so it's definately worth getting the install to work. The abilities in Workspace Studio are a huge increase in functionallity from the old collection of tools so I can understand how it would look like we didn't do much if the Workspace wont' launch. Take a look at the videos and other materials here for a more complete idea of what it is. http://www.solarwinds.com/products/toolsets/workspace_studio.aspx 

            Note that the upgrade to TS 10 is free only for those customers under maintenance. Anyone can run it in evaluation mode though for 21 days and choose to run it in  a reduced "Freeware" mode after that.

            I see that Greg has posted a possible fix for your issue. Did you get a chance to do that?


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                I can't re-install .Net 2.0. It states the product is already installed and to use add/remove programs. I try that and it won't uninstall because other programs are required to use it. I try and 'change' it , but that does not work either. My only other option is a manual uninstall/install. Since I have otehr programs that use it, I would rather have 1 program that doesn't work, rather than >1. This brings up another point; security. You state that you have government agencies and the military using your products. As a gov't contractor we're required to follow the same security policy as the DoD. We have had numerous issues with Orion/Cirrus/Toolset because of Windows policy. I would have to assume they are as well. What are you doing to ensure we can use your applications and still follow security policy?