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    Netflow not coming in over site to site VPN tunnel for remote router

      i have a site connected via a VPN tunnel.  There is a remote 1800 router.   Previously, I have done this before and NetFlow data was coming in on a different site.   For this one, it is not.   I see the SolarWinds data such as up/down status and % utilization on interfaces but NetFlow not working.    The "sh ip flow export" command shows data being exported but cannot get it working in Orion.   Below is my configuration on the router:

      interface FastEthernet0/0
       description HTC 3x3 Connection
       ip address xxxxxxxx
       ip route-cache flow
       duplex auto
       speed auto
       crypto map VPNMAP
       service-policy output VoIP

      ip flow-export source FastEthernet0/0
      ip flow-export version 5
      ip flow-export destination 2055

      snmp-server community xxxxx RO
      snmp-server enable traps tty
      snmp-server host xxxxxx