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    Ipmonitor 8.5 - Won't start stopped services..

      Hi all,

      I have ran through the docs and I can monitor the Automatic updates service fine but it wont start the service if i manually stop it. I used a domain admin a/c which is an admin on the target server. I tried WMI / RPC / SNMP but no luck..

      Any help appreciated :)

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          Configuring ipMonitor to restart a service is a two-stage process:

          Stage I -- Configuring Recovery Parameters:

          1.  Open the settings page for the Monitor which will be triggering the Restart Service Action.

          2. Open the “Recovery Parameters” section.

          3.  In the "FQDN / NetBIOS / IP Address" field, specify the machine with the Service to restart.

          4.  Click "Select" on the "Credentials for Recovery" field to assign an existing Credential or create a new one.  This Credential should have administrator rights on the remote machine.

          5.  From the "Windows NT Services List", click the "Select" button to enumerate Services.  Check the desired Service(s) to restart, then click the bottom "Continue" button.  Note that dependent Services should also be selected, or the main Service will not be able to restart.

          6.  Click "OK" on the Edit Monitor window to save the changes.

          Stage II -- Creating the "Restart Service" Alert:

          1.  Click “Configuration” and click "Alert List”.

          2.  Click on "Add Alert", enter an Alert name.

          3.  Click on "Add Monitors", check the Monitor configured from Stage I, then click "Add Selected".

          4.  Click on "Add Action" and select "Restart Service".

          5.  Enter an "Action Name", assign the desired "Alert Range", then click "OK" to save the Alert.  The "Alert Range" indicates which Alert number to trigger the restart action on.

          ipMonitor is now configured to restart the Services specified from Recovery Parameters section of the desired Monitor.




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