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    SQL To Manage an Interaface

      When I got Oriojn, I was able to "manage" all inytertfaces so that when the interface was configured "up" data wouold be collected and when an interface is marked "down" it is sill manahged but there is no data to collect.

      When updating to Orion 9.1, all 4 Service Packs, when the interface status change=s on NPM (from active/active to active/down OR from active/down to active/active) the interface is unmanaged and not collecting data.

      The most frequent occurrence of this problem is that all interfaces are marked as "managed". When the status changes on the interface, the interface is marked as "unmanaged" and data collection never starts.

      The reason to manage all up and down interfaces was so that we would not have to access the system daily and add/remove from amangement interafaces that had changed status.

      This solution, provided by the helkp desk, is o longer working. I have hundreds of interfaces that change status daily and do not have enough hours in the day to "list resources" on routers that have over a thousand interfaces.

      Any advise or suggestions are welcome.