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    Select Interface Grouping AJAX?


      I need the ability to group select interfaces from different devices much the same way you would group nodes. With this functionality i would be able to create much more granular views.

      Here is an example of one way I would take advantage of this.

      Core Mesh interfaces. These interfaces are on multiple pieces of equipment across the enterprise. While i can navigate to and open up each core switch and look at the interfaces in Orion...... So there are the delays involved in navigating to each switch scrolling through the interfaces and selecting the one that is of interest.

      but if im going to do that I may as well just telnet to the switches... A much better solution would be to be able to build tree views of specific interfaces so that you could group by function or whatever makes you happy. The same as you currently can with nodes.

      Hmm imagine if you had a interface list in Column 1 and when you select a interface Column 2 updated with the currently selected interface information.. oh the possibilities.