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    Additional Polling Engine placement

      I am preparing to install an additional polling engine for our NPM 9.1 SP4 environment.  Currently we have an installation of NPM SLX with an external SQL 2005 database.  Initially I was prepared to install the engine at a remote site.  I was told it should be close to the SQL database.  Is there any documentation/best practice/recommendation I can look over?  Does anyone have advice or an experience to inform?  Thanks.

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          As far as I understand, Solarinds does not recommend installation of an additional poller remotely. That said I know from a number of forum posts that it has been done.

          How many elements are you intending to monitor from the remote site and over what bandwidth/latency?

          We run one of our additional pollers remotely (5000 elements). However it's in another data center connected via gigabit layer2 links - which can't really be classed as remote.