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    Adding a monitor to all machines

      Is there a way to quickly add a monitor to all managed devices? I have been asked to monitor that all devices have anti virus running and was hoping there was a quick way to add a service monitor across all devices.

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          Hello Amozzo,

          The following should work.

          1. Go to "Devices" tab.

          2. Click "Discovery -> Previous Scan Results"

          3. At the top of the Device List, click "SmartMonitor Settings".

          4. Uncheck everything from this list and check the Anti-virus service.

          5. Click "Save".

          6. Back at the Device list, the "Monitors to be added" column should have a "1" for every Device that has that service.

          7. Click "Add All Scanned Device" or select the Device you wish to monitor and click "Add Only Selected Devices".

          That should do it.


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