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    Help with Advanced Alert

      Hi - I have an alert which monitors all Fixed Disk Volumes on Windows Servers in my environment.  I check to see if the volumes have reached 90% or more used space, but there are a few server volumes that I want to exclude.

      Below I will show my query.  It works except it does not exclude the volumes that I specify.  Maybe my logic is flawed.  I need a second set of eyes on this.  Thanks for you help in advance.

      Triger Alert when ALL of the following apply
         Vendor is equal to Windows
         VolumePercent is greater than or equal to 90
         VolumeType = Fixed Disk
         Trigger Alert when ANY of the following apply
            Volume ID is not equal to 520
            Volume ID is not equal to 524

      I have verified that the volume ID's are correct and are the volumes that I do not want to trigger the alert.