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    Traps v Events

      Hi guys,

      Can anyone advise the difference between traps and events in Orion NPM? How does Orion generate / receive the events? My understanding is that traps will be generated by the network node itself, but I am unsure of how the event is generated. I assume that events are generated by polling the managed device?

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          A SNMP Trap is sent by a network equipment to the Network Monitoring Solution. Orion provides a way to collect/manage these Packets throught the SolarWinds SNMP Service and the Trap viewer.

          An Orion NPM event is an entry in the internal log of the application. Events are mostly created when Orion NPM detects a change in the network status/topology. Advanced alerts can log NPM events as well.

          Here is a list of the event types:

          Node Down
          Node Warning
          Node Up
          Node Removed
          Node Added
          Interface Down
          Interface Up
          Interface Shutdown
          Interface Unknown
          Node Rebooted
          Critical System Error
          Interface Added
          Interface Removed
          Interface Remapped
          Interface Changed
          Monitoring Started
          Monitoring Stopped
          Interface Enabled
          Interface Disappeared
          Interface Reappeared
          Fail Over
          Fail Back
          Application Stopped
          Application Restart
          UnManage Node
          Manage Node
          Node Changed
          Volume Remapped
          Volume Changed
          Volume Added
          Volume Removed
          Volume Disappeared
          Volume Reappeared

          Alert Triggered
          Alert Reset


          Orion modules add further event types when you install them.