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    Update Trap Alert Functionality - Update Orion Rule Management


      While it remains to be seen what the results of the Kiwi Syslog integration will result in. The trap viewer and its alert functionality require some attention.

      Both the existing syslog and the trap viewer suffer from many of the same issues. They have not received any improvements in the past several years while many of the other elements of the product have experienced fantastic improvements.

      Monitoring all aspects of every device on your network from a central location is not practical for many reasons. Balance is achieved by Orion actively monitoring specific target elements in the network but also being able to effectively alert based on both syslog and trap events received..

      In our organization Orion is focused on monitoring our core infrastructure and server farm equipment interfaces and elements. Outside of that it monitors up down status of all our networking equipment. We rely heavily on syslog alerts and trap alerts to notify of changes in our environment.

      1. The trap viewer needs to be able to alert based on keyword matched within the trap detail.

      2. It needs to support Orion ${variables} so that alert messages can be designed intelligently.

      3. It needs to be able to send OOB pages via Notepager Pro (or perhaps Solarwinds can finally integrate this functionality into the suite)

      4. All of the solarwinds products can benefit from more intelligent rule management. Rules should be able to be put with logical containers and sub containers. ie. Group > function. (I saw drag and drop on someone elses feature request that work very nicely here)

      The rule organization is important not just for the trap viewer but Orion in general. As i expand the services of Orion within our organization im finding it increasingly difficult to manage the alerts. Some alerts are for specific projects that alert members of a specific group, Some are temporary, Some are for this department some are for that... nuff said :)