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    Startup error after installing Netflow Analyzer

      Hello everyone,


      I decided some time ago that we needed more in-depth information about our traffic and ussage and stumbled across the Real-Time Netflow Analyzer from Solarwinds. As the page suggests that it can read out any cisco router with netflow enabled, this was just the thing I was looking for.


      After downloading and installing the free version without any problems, I tried starting up the program, and this is where the problems start:


      After the loading/splash-screen I get a default error message saying:

      "The application encoutered a critical error and must close. Please restart the application."

      Restarting the application gives the same result over and over again, and the process keeps running/hangs wich I then have to kill manually.


      I have tried to install it on different windows XP SP3 machines with no effect, every time I get exactly the same error message, and it does not log any messages in the windows application log.


      Anyone know what's going on, or have the same problem?