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    Custom Report Column Width in Web View


      Okay, so I have been playing around with accessing the Orion web pages via my Blackberry Storm.  I built a custom login and smaller views to display.  I also built a custom report showing the last 30 events with some filtered out.  I am only displaying the event date/time, the node name, and the event message.  I have the single column of the view set to 470 (to fit the landscape view of the storm).  The date gets put on multiple lines and looks like doo doo. 5 lines??  Squished column.  See screenshot.  Anybody have any ideas how to fix this?  I wouldn't mind the message being on more than one line, or even the date/time being on two lines.  Can we adjust the width of the individual coumns in the web page displayed report somewhere?

      Thanks again.