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    NPM 9.1 MAP - Can we create containers



      Is it possible to gather devices belonging to a region into a container, so that our MAP shows say 3 containers (Central, South, North) when we click on each of them we go to a sub-container showing the related devices)

      just like Openview NNM does.

      Than you

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          In the current version of map maker, you reallly don't have any grouping options.  I've heard map maker is getting a major overhaul in the next major Orion release.  Maybe someone from SolarWinds can let you know if this feature will be coming in the next version.

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            I beleive you can do what you want to do today.

            First create the child maps and how you want them for Central, South, North etc.

            Once you have create those child maps and are happy with them, create a new map, which will be the parent and drag those child maps from the left hand navigation pane onto the new parent map.

            Let me know if this works or if I am missing the use case, please provide additional detail