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    Ipmonitor 8.5 after migrating data to a new server can't access credentials "failed to set security permissions" error.

      i have currently migrated my ipmonitor 8.5 installation, to a new server I have do a backup using the backup option and restored it in my new ipmonitor installation without problems.

      Now when I go to the Security -> Credentials manager option I get this error. (Warning: The Credentials Sensitive Data hive is currently unavailable.)

      I have followed the procedure indicated in the warning to fix the problem, I have go to the “Ipmonitor 8.5 Configuration Program” and then to “Service Settings”.
      I Have created a new user and set it as the service account.

       When I choose yes I get the next error "Failed to set security permissions for the user account"

       I tried using different users event setting again system account but I get the same popup, and the warning in the ipmonitor webmanager don't go away.

      How I can fix this problem?.