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    Wireless Network Monitor

      Ah… remember the good ole’ days? When “being connected” meant literally being connected to a wall-jack with real wires? Today, employees don’t need wires to be connected; they just search for the local wireless network and get to work. While the employees love the convenience of wireless, this technology can give network professionals a headache like no other. Trying to monitor, secure, and support the multitude of wireless devices on the market today is a nearly impossible task… unless, of course, you have Orion Wireless Network Monitor.

      Wireless Network Monitor extends the management capabilities of Orion to wireless access points and associated wireless clients and sessions. Network professionals who are responsible for supporting wireless network devices rely on Wireless Network Monitor to:

      • Monitor wireless access points (APs) for signal strength and quality
      • Support 802.11-compliant APs via standard and vendor-proprietary SNMP MIBs
      • Monitor client statistics for Cisco® and Avaya® wireless APs
      • Record historical session activity of clients that roam from one AP to another
      • Record and graph errors for the connected wireless devices
      • Provide fault and performance management for wireless networks


      Extend Orion's Management Capabilities to Your Wireless Infrastructure

      Orion Wireless Network Monitor delivers the robust features you need to achieve a high level of performance and security in your wireless infrastructure. To learn more about Wireless Network Monitor’s features, simply scroll through the screens below using the scrollbar.