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    Migrating to 9.05 (License problem)


      Due to "Free Upgrade License" program for SolarWinds ipMonitor customers, currently we're in migrating process. Below is migrating scenario :

      1. Existing ipMonitor is version 8.5 with ± 4900 active monitors
      2. We had provided a new server with higher specification then existing server which ipMonitor 8.5 installed on it. Because with unlimited monitors license and always growing up datacenter environment, I think we need new powerful server to run ipMonitor 9.05
      3. I have already installing ipMonitor 9.05 on that new server
      4. I will migrate all monitors from 8.5 to 9.05 using export-import xml method
      5. During migration process, 8.5 still have to run properly. Because we will not inform the user about 9.05 address until migration process completely finished

      The problem is, the status of 9.05 installation on our new server is trial version. So it just can monitor up to 1000 monitors. And there's also only limited days remaining of this license before we can completely migrate to 9.05.

      Can we accommodate this migration requirement using license parking method? Or using License Manager ?

      Thank you in advance