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    Trap Capabilities

      I'm thoroughly confused here on what the capabilities of NPM are in regards to traps.

      My devices, servers, operating systems, are configured to send traps to NPM, this is working, I can go into the trap viewer and see traps there. Now, I want to create rules that take action based on criteria that are received, but I don't want to have to define this for every little trap a device could send.


      NetApp filer, the MIB is clearly part of the SW database. How do I setup alerting so that when it sends a trap indicating disk failure?


      When I was using Zenoss as my monitoring solution, as long as I had the MIB for a device/software it would classify that trap as an event with a level of severity, and my alerting criteria went from there. I'm just confused on how things are done with SolarWinds and don't want to have to go and define rules/filters for every scenario out there.



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          Orion does not have mapping solution such as Zenoss for the Traps. It does not Classify/Transform Traps.

          A Trap does not become an Orion event when it is received by the Trap service, it remains a Trap.

          To get alerted if you receive a Disk Failure trap from a NetApp filer, you will have to setup an alert/rule through the Trap Viewer.

          If you post the content of a such Trap I can help you setup the alert/rule.


          The web console has a dedicated view to review Traps, the link is by default available on the top bar.

          There is as well a useful resource that sorts trap by their Trap Type and shows a counter for each type.

          This resource is named Traps Summary and can be added through the Admin > Manager Views menu.


          I hope this clarify how to manage traps in Orion.



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              This helps for sure. I'm looking at the criteria I can use to determine whether or not to page. I could swear all traps are sent as three types, informational, warning, and critical. I could set my filter to be specific on what OID it starts with, but can I not get it to read the type of trap it is?