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    Report writer crash


      Report writer keeps crashing while i am trying to create a new report. Any ideas on what is going on?

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          Could you please post a little more detail about what steps you're taking and what's happening? At what point is the crash occurring?

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              Any report using Advanced SQL works fine. it is when i am creating any new report using the GUI. So the steps are:

              1. Click on New.

              2. Choose any type except Advanced SQL. (Event Log) and click OK.

              3. I can name the report and set the report group.

              4. While adding new fields to Select Fields or adding new conditions to Filter Results it will crash by kicking me completely out of Report Writer.

              Because it is running on a VM, i dont get the error message showing what failed until i reboot the VM and log back in. So after my next reboot, i will post the error message to this thread.

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                  If you get the error message again, please open support ticket

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                      I was in writing a report the other day and this happened to me a few times.  I was able to reproduce the problem.

                      1. Add a couple of fields
                      2. Have a field selected
                      3. Right click on another field and select Delete Current field

                      This is going to sound dumb, but it crashed everytime on me the other day when I was doing that and I just tested it again and it worked fine.  (I did happen to install NTA3.1 SP2 the other day.)