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    Import MIB into ipMonitor

      How do I import a MIB into ipMonitor?  It is from my dell powervault 132T.


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          On page 135 of the Administrator Guide, there's a bullet point about the MIB database:

          "To expand the default MIB database, use the Custom Database Builder
          available on the ipMonitor Support Portal to select MIBs from ipMonitor's MIB
          Repository and perform automated MIB compilations. You can then add the
          newly-created Custom MIB Database to your ipMonitor installation."

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            As Elizabeth correctly mentions, you need to use the ipMonitor MIB builder but there is a gotcha (see below).

            Go to the SolarWinds Customer Portal and login using your SolarWinds customer ID and password.  In the left-hand panel click 'ipMonitor MIB Builder' which will then prompt you for your ipMonitor account name and password.

            Choose which MIBs you want to include in your custom database, click 'Construct MIB database' and follow the instructions for installing the database into your installation.

            If the specific MIB you want is not included in the list of available MIBs (and there are many missing), you'll need to log a support case asking for a custom database to be created for you.  You'll need to supply the MIB file and a copy of your mib_base.bxml file (located in C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\ipMonitor\internal).

            A better way of handling custom MIBs is on my wishlist for a future ipMonitor release.


            Rgds, Simon

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              Hi ekrengel,

              The online SNMP Database is available at http://www.solarwinds.com/customerportal/ipmonitor.aspx

              Make sure to access this URL after you successfully login to the Solarwinds Customer Portal.

              If the MIB(s) you require is/are not availble within this online database, you will need to open a new case online using http://www.solarwinds.com/support/ticket.  Once you receive an email confirming that a case has been created, simply reply to it with the MIB file(s) zipped up and a support rep will build a custom database for your installation.

              Please note that the MIBs are not required to Monitor your Powervault 132T system.  They simply help with finding the OID required to monitor the desired resource.  If you already know the OID you need to use to monitor the desired resource, simply use the Custom SNMP (Wizard) against the device.


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