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    Determine network speed/type setting?


      I thought I would throw this out to the community as I know there are a LOT of smart people out there....

      Does anyone know of a way to detect a Windows server network card speed/duplex setting either by WMI or SNMP OID? I know I can log onto each server and check it manually but I was trying to see it could be scripted.

      If so I was going to bounce it against the report I did from Ciscoworks so the admin's can do a side-by-side comparison and see if there are mis-matches.

      Thoughts or ideas welcomed.

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          Windows the operating system doesn't know anything about duplex. Because each manufacturer stores it's setting differently there is no way of extracting this information via WMI in a standard fashion. I can tell you that both Broadcom and Intel include SNMP agents that make this information available in their MIB.  You would need to install the Intel or Broadcom software on the servers if it's not already, and be sure to include the SNMP agent which I believe is an optional component on the Intel software. Then you can create a universal device poller for all your servers with Intel NICs, and then another one for servers with Broadcom NICs, and so on. Hope this help.