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    Problem displaying SNMP Data


      First of all I'm new to SNMP and IPMonitor. I tried to solve the problem with all the help pages and google, but I wasn't successful. I'm trying to send a custom snmp message to the IPMonitor. The only thing I want is that the message is displayed on the overview page.


      Intact SNMP Trap Accepted: time(Wed Mar 04 16:52:09 2009) src_ip(172.20.*.*)
      version: 1
      community: public
      agent-addr: 172.20.*.*
      generic-trap: linkDown (2)
      specific-trap: 1
      time-stamp: 1273100

      Variable Bindings: TYPE[4] TEXT "Hello World"

      What I did:

      • Created a new device (my notebook)
      • added a snmp trap monitor (which is listening)
      • added regular expression (only the message between the "" should be displayed)

      Then I tried to send the message again -> monitor was still listening


      • Added a content generator (Message: %capture[1]%)

      But still no success. What do I make wrong?

      Is that correct: If I send a linkDown, the message appears. If I send a linkUp, the message disappears.

      Thanks for your help.