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    Feature Requirement

      Hope people can help


      Project to split user part of network into two core parts.


      First group full access

      People who work at the company and need access to our Lan and Wan hosted systems


      Second group restricted access

      External people who are either visiting to give demonstrations and need network access direct to internet

      External people who are working on small projects lasting upto 2 months, need access to internet and printing .


      Workgroup switches are 3550/3560


      I will set-up port security etc and block off non used ports

      have seperate Wan link for the second group of users and seperate vlan

      Wifi points connected to this vlan so there is both cable and wireless facility


      Need a realtime facility that will allow upto 5 people to control switch ports from more than one location

      Control would be

      1) add port to VLAN

      2) Move ports between VLANS

      3) Clear mac table on port

      4) Enable/disable port security

      5) Enable/disable switch ports

      All of this from a gui and without having to download config, change and re-upload and of course, without loss of service/connections on the switches