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    User Roles


      Is there a way to grant a user access to only certain subnets based on location or some other custom property? Would it be done just like you would a custom view in Orion? Or even give someone read access to some subnets and write access to others?

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          User roles are not implemented in the beta and will be coming soon in the development process and we will have something in the 1.0 RC and GA code.

          In 1.0, it will work very similar to the way Orion NPM does today, we are still ironing out some of the exact details.  

          In regards to the ability to give some RO access to Subnet A and RW access to Subnet B, that will not be a feature available in 1.0, but is high on our roadmap for the next release.  We call it internally user delegation and it is exactly what you describe above.