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    EVA SAN 6000 suitable? - SQL server storage spec for NPM & Netflow and Config manager

      We currently use an EVA 6000 San for our data storage for SQL Server (data and logs). Received spec advise from Solar Winds support for disk storage configuration which strongly recommends RAID10; I assume the recommended spec sent would relate to a standard MSA storage solution and not a high performance EVA solution.

      Raised ticket about using EVA SAN storage and the response was dissapointing to say the least, was told they cannot provide any support as to VRAID5 or VRAID1. The response also indicated 'Do not implement a raid 5 solution as this will cause performance issues' but I assume this does not apply to EVA high performance disk storage. I wondered if anyone has implemented Solar Winds with NetFlow and used EVA SAN storage for the database storage (data and logs) in SQL 2005 environment.    

      Our EVA 6000 solution has 72 spindles (10K – 15K speeds) and is available in either VRAID1 (Mirrored) or VRAID5 (Striped) and does not have a RAID10 equivalent.

      Please advise if EVA 6000 VRAID5 config for data and logs would provide good performance for running NPM & Netflow and Config manager.

      How does an EVA 6000 SAN compare to an equivalent RAID10 config on a standard MSA storage solution. What is performance comparison between RAID10 and EVA Storage for data storage for the NPM & Netflow and Config manager apps. We have option of VRAID1 or VRAID5 but would prefer to use VRAID5 if performance will be acceptable.