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    monitor status of a link

      Is it possible to monitor status of a link between network objects  in Orion NPM ?   ( link Cisco LMS)


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          We have an IP SLA free tool which allows you to monitor device to device performance.  You can export these as Universal Device Pollers, which you can import and use within Orion NPM.

          Check this out and let me know if this addesses your need or not.  If not, if you could provide some further data exactly what you are trying to do.


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              Thanks for answering me.

              I want to monitor my network links in Orion . I have about 100 cisco routers in my network . And I want to know if any link between them goes down . ( like whatsup program )

              I create network map in solarwinds Orion map maker and export it to Orion web console. i have Added  my nodes and  network link between them . But I can Only assigne a Network Node Object or an Interface Object to the link .

              But I dont want interface or node status . I want Link status ... Is it possible?

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                  What do you mean with the link status? MapMaker currently reads status for link from assigned network object, which can be either a node or an interface. If the network object is down, the link is displayed as down.

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                      No, Sometimes link is down but interfaces are not down .for example in the flowing topology All of my routers interfaces are up but if any problem Exist in the network between R2 and R3 I can not see in the map that I make in map maker . my links are up but i dont have access form R1 to R4 .

                      i dont have Access to Routers Betwwn R2 and R3 . How can I monitor The link status between R2 and R3 ?



                      R1-------R2---|  MPLS or ... including many routers |----- R3 ------R4