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    Advice on adding NetFlow to current Orion installation



      We are looking at adding NetFlow to our current Orion NPM install & had a couple of questions, if anyone would be kind enough to respond with real-life experience!

      Details on Orion installation:

      Orion Network Performance Monitor Version 8.5.1
      NetPerfMon Engine 
      Network Node Elements 1905
      Interface Elements 3504
      Volume Elements 19

      We have 1x polling engine on one server; 1x additional web server; 1x SQL2000 server (which is due to be upgrade to SQL 2005 first).

      1 - the SQL server is currently RAID5 - should we change to RAID 1+0 as recommended?

      2 - disk space. We have about 60GB free, the Orion db is about 8GB currently. If we are planning on only exporting NetFlow data from <50% of the monitored interfaces, can anyone give me a clue on how much disk space we would need? For 75% of the interfaces?

      I know this isn't easy to asnwer but any hints will be appreciated.

      I think we'd only be looking to keep detailed data for 1 month, though it'd be nice to keep for longer (up to 6 max) if that is possible without adding overly to data requirements. I'm not too worried about the other system requirements like RAM & CPU as we should be OK there.

      Thanks in anticipation!