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    Netflow data stream isn't being picked up


      Hope someone can help me solve this one as it's driving me crazy!

      I've got an HP Procurve 2610-48 switch which Netflow Traffic Analyser doesn't seem to want to receive data from.  Once I've configured the device to send the Netflow data, Orion reports that it's receiving a data stream from an unmanaged device with an IP which does indeed match the IP of the device.  However, once I add the device to Orion and tell Netflow Traffic Analyser to collect data from it, the stream appears to stop; the device is listed in italics and the 'last data received' date says 'never'.

      The error saying that the data stream would be discarded sometimes says that I need to add interface  #1073741823 in order to process the data stream, but this interface doesn't exist.  I don't always get this though (I've been through the whole configuring - managing - giving up - configuring cycle about 10 times and have changed IP addresses several times as well).

      I added several other switches of the same model at the same time and they're all fine so I need to work out what's different about this one.  Any suggestions?