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    Search Results

      I would like to know if I am able to customize the results of a search.

      Today I can search for a node by its node name and it returns a list of nodes that contain what I entered.

      Example: I enter "Por*" and Orion returns node called "Portland"

      I would like to see the results with IP's. (The current results screen has a lot of unused real estate.)


      Column 1          Column 2

      Node names     IP address

      It would be nice if these columns were customizable with node info.


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          No, tcustomization of search is not currently available

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            Keep in mind that if you search by any other criteria, the search results will display the nodename alongside that criteria. For example, if you search by IP address, it would display the node name in the first column and their corresponding IP address in the second column. Not exactly what you're looking for but definitely a workable solution.

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                This is not a workable solution, because the name of the node AND the IP address is what I spend most of my time searching for.

                The search by IP gives the exact result I am looking for on a search by Node name.

                Our problem is we have well over 4000 interfaces polling on a single threading application. It is a 60 to 90 second process just to find a single IP address.

                I would hope a minor change like this wouldn't be a problem.

                Anything Solarwinds can do to help speed up results until the "the single threaded engine" is fixed would be very much appreciated!!!!


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                    I am not sure where single threaded comes into this conversation, searching is not a single threaded operation.  I have taken the ability to customize search results fields displayed as an enhancement request for a future release.

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                        Sorry I should have given more history. My Orion server is always running at 90-95% cpu utilization (while my other 3 procs just sit there). The web interface is not the quickest around; I have been told that "when" Solarwinds releases the new engine everything would run much faster. If I could just click on a node and have the IP appear this wouldn't be such a big deal, but as it is now Orions web page loads so slow that the simple task of retrieving a group of IPs is a time consuming ordeal.

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                            Let's dig into the performance issues a little deeper.  It sounds like a decent box if it is a quad-proc, but we have many other customers running large environments with no problems.

                            • What are the specs of the hardware you are running on?  
                            • How many elements are you managing?  
                            • Are you running any other modules?  
                            • Is SQL on the same box or off box?

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                                I have a Dell poweredge 2950 with 2 Xeon dual core 3.0 procs running only SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor 9.1 SP3

                                Network Elements622 Nodes, 3904 Interfaces, 59 Volumes, 4585 Total Elements 
                                Polling Completion99.06 % 
                                Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition 
                                Service PackService Pack 2 
                                PackageOrion NPM v9 SLX 

                                NCM is on a VM and SQL is on another poweredge 2950.