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    IP SLA monitor... NPM 9.x required?

    Steve Pfister

      I'm looking at the new IP SLA monitor tool. I think I may have misunderstood what it does. Does it have any functionality on its own? Does it just set up operations on the given router and export to the Orion Universal Device Poller?

      The problem we're running into is that we're stuck for the moment on NPM 8.51. I'm guessing since we don't have 9.x and the Universal Device Poller, we don't really have a use for this utility... is that correct?


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          Yes, it has functionality on its own. If you haven't already, check out the videos by our Head Geek. The introductory video, "       Analyzing the Performance Between Sites with Cisco IP SLA," shows some of the functionality of IP SLA Monitor by itself, and the advanced video demonstrates how you can do even more with it with Orion NPM.

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