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    IP address view

      A minor thing - I would like all the addresses in the subnet to be  displayed on one page instead of scrolling through 3 pages for a /24 subnet.

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          We are thinking about expanding that initial number for 1.0 to 128 per page and in the future providing more controls around this.  

          In the meantime as a workaround, you can edit the page source to show a higher number, just beware this is global, so we recommend going no more than 1000.   Even so, depending on multiple factors, going that high could cause problems.

          File: C:\inetpub\solarwinds\orion\ipam\subnets.aspx
          Look for: pagesize=“100”
          Change to: pagesize=“256”

          This will be overwritten when we release the RC and GA and would need to be changed back each upgrade.