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    SNMPv3 with CatOS


      I'm hoping someone could assist. I'm currently trying to deploy NPM in my network environment and i've built a lab to test how it works with all of the different devices I have out in the field. I want to run everything with SNMPv3. Most things run fine with IOS but i'm having problems getting CatOS devices to communicate all of the information with NPM. I've gone online and done a bit of research from the cisco side to see what configs I need and what MIBs need to be configured on my c4006 switch. So far no dice. Best I can get is NPM recognizing the device by it's IP and that's it's an unknown device. Doesn't see any interfaces or CPU information. Has anybody had to deal with the same issue? I'm not too familier with CatOS and i'm hoping in the next year that will all be gone and we will be running IOS but until then I need to get this to work.