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    Network Monitor notifications?

      Just installed Engineer's Toolset ver. and setup the network monitor application.  I also setup the email/page function and tested my smtp gateway with success.


      When I try to send a message manually or have a node go down to send a message nothing happens other than the message gets put in a directory /Program Files/Solarwinds/Common/Email-Cache.


      Anyone else every see this issue or something similar with the Toolset?

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          I have something very similar happen.  I cannot even get the test to work on my Network Monitor.  The SMTP gateway is alive and well, and is able to be "talked to" by other applications, no issue.

          With this tool - no luck.  Almost like the function was never setup to work.

          Hope someone finds a solution.

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              We are currently looking in to this. Would you mind trying Network Performance Monitor to see if Email alerts are functioning correctly there?



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                  We have not been able to reproduce this in our testing.

                  Some things to check:

                    The relay settings on the SMTP server

                    Make sure you have a valid from address

                    The application SWMEmailNotify is running.




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                      Hi Im also having troubles trying to get the email notification working in Network Monitor.


                      If I create a new node & tick the radio button , send email for events on this node, then click "apply changes" , I immediately get an email message back from Network Monitor proving that the mail server is fine, plus I am receiving modification notifications.


                      But when I attempt to simulate an outage by rebooting a server or router, I see the visual queues that there is a warning, then a critical warning & request timed out, but I never receive an email notification saying there is an issue.


                      I get an email if monitoring has stopped or started, or if there is a change to the node. But no informational, warning or critical emails. What needs to happen to fix that up?