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    Switchport mapper module for NPM


      I've spent a lot of time looking for a product that can do what I'm requesting and have not found one that really suits my needs. The closest thing I've found is the OpUtils switchport mapper. Here is what I'd like to see.


      1. A web based switchport mapper that I can access right from NPM

      2. I want to group switches into different catagories (In my case by network closet or physical location)

      3. I want to be able to set query intervals

      4. I want to be able to simply enter the module and be able to query by the following:

      a. IP address

      b. MAC address

      c. Description on the port or interface alias (This is where OpUtils falls short)

      5. If it can bring up all switchports in a given vlan # through a query that would be a bonus

      6. I want to click on a switch and see all IP addresses on all the different vlans

      Right now the SolarWinds switchport mapper is cumbersome. I have to enter a @'vlanID' on the snmp string for each individual vlan I want to scan on each individual switch.  Let me see the big picture of my LAN while I'm in NPM.