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    HTTP vs HTTPS frustration


      Can I make a request that Solarwinds make their code HTTPS smart? I am constantly running into situations where your asked if you want to view something in Orion and when it tries it fails because it is trying to use HTTP and our sites are HTTPS. I have seen this from the Configuration Wizard after a service pack install to the UnDP Preview. Can't we get it to 'know' (read a config file) what the site is to avoid these failures?


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          I second the motion on this one. There should be a config mod available for moving to https.

          Thanks in advanced.

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            I think I can help on this one.  If you look in the Websites table, you'll see the website information for your server.  The field SSLEnabled is set to 0.  If you change it to 1, for most parts of Orion, it should properly prepend https:// instead of http:// when launching the website.  There may be some cases where it doesn't work right, but for most of them, it should.

            Let us know if that works.

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              Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this is still a problem in 2013 with NPM V10.5. The Configuration Wizard cannot handle HTTPS, FQDN, and SSL settings. If you tell it to use port 443, it creates a new primary Website ID in dbo.Websites with just the hostname, port 443, and SSLenabled set to 0. You can edit this in SQL Studio. I delete the new entry, and change the old one to primary.


              The Wizard could and should examine the existing Website entry, and propose it as the default. Many sites are forbidden to use HTTP.

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                  its still a problem NOW.. YEARS later - if you manually change the websites table to SSLEnabled, set your port 443, the next time you run an upgrade/update or config wizard it fails.

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                      Preserving SSL site bindings should be working in NPM 11. Did this occur in the 11 upgrade for you?

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                          Rob -


                          The memory grows fuzzy, but I recall it being better, but not all there. I think the port 80 vs 443 issue was gone. Thanks for addressing this!


                          But I still get a failure at the end of the wizard with Login.aspx that I believe is related to the default URL and our use of HTTPS with a PKI certificate requiring FQDN.


                          Maybe once I find out (again) where in the database I need to fix the default URL, the next wizard run will be clean. One has to enable the SSL as listed above, plus change the URL if you use FQDN like we do.


                          Can someone post the table entry to fix? Used to be more than 1 when NCM and NPM were separate. One less mole to whack now!



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                            Even now, following the Admin Guide's instructions for enabling HTTPS, it still doesn't work the way it should.  SSL Enabled is set to 1 in the Websites Table, the IIS Bindings and settings are set exactly as described in the Admin guide, yet at the end of the config wizard it is trying to build a web request to  It then gets a 403 Forbidden error (because we've said to require https in IIS per the admin guide instructions) and the config wizard fails at the end.  Of course everything is fine because if we actually navigate to HTTPS://127.0.01 it works fine, but why does the Config wizard not use HTTPS://  instead of http when SSLEnabled is set to 1? 

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                              No. It does not work. But that might be because support told us to put the FQDN in there instead of the simple hostname.

                              This has the result that the simple hostname (the main app server) then got added to this table as a http/non-ssl/port-80 additional webserver.


                              With each major/step release of NPM we try the installer with the settings in the table as they were advised by support and the webserver listening on 443/https once and watch it fail, then revert to the HTTP shuffle where we revert the install to http so the config wizard runs to completion on upgrade, then flip all the settings back to https once it has done.

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                          Thanks in advanced! I second the motion on this one. There should be a config mod available for moving to https.