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    Change Syslog Server port?


      We would like to move to Kiwi Syslog server as our primary syslog and snmp trap collector.  I know this will be integrated into Orion at a later date.  However, we'd like to reduce the size of our database to improve performance, and 80% of our database is syslog and snmp traps. 

      However, I cannot run Kiwi on a different server because all of my managed devices are pointing snmp & syslog to the IP of our Orion server.  My question is whether I can change the port that Orion's Syslog server runs on?  Ideally I could, and then forward alerts from Kiwi to Orion to retain my current alert rules.

      Has anyone tried this?  Alternatively, has anyone found an effective method of archiving Orion syslogs?  This is really what's driving this process.