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    SBS 2003 - can not log out after installing KIWI SYSLOG

      Hi people.  Anyone experiencing this one ???

      • Admin console session SBS 2003 can not be manually logged out.  Work-a-round is TSadmin.exe logout.
      • Scripted/scheduled overnite Server reboots wait for interactive dialog from Syslog app, so reboots don't happen.


      • Kiwi Syslog version 8.3.52 downloaded from SolarWinds.
      • Microsoft SBS2003 premium edition with all latest SPs & patches.
      • Un-installed system cleaned & re-installed several times.
      • Checked installed directory permissions
      • Service uses local system account
      • Nothing written to Windows event logs at attempted logout or reboot.
      • Once Syslogger un-installed, problem vanishes.

      Any ideas anyone ??