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    Subnet Allocation Wizard


      Is there a way to add the newly created supernet/subnet to an existing supernet? There should be a way to name the new supernet/subnet, breakdown each subnet for VLAN and description entries as well while creating it.

      We have multiple class B's, some assigned to customers/DCs/internal and we sort our NPM/NCM devices the same way. When we allocate a subnet, it's usually within one that is already set aside.

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          Yes, first on the left hand tree you can drag-n-drop them around.  Also if you select the subnet or supernet before you go to add new subnet/supernet it will place it in that category.  

          Also, you can select a category/supernet/subnet and click properties and change it's name if you want something different and more meaningful.

          Let me know if this helps or you have other questions