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    Synching reports

      How do I sych custom reports created to the webserver so they will show up and I can run them from the Network Performance Monitor Reports.

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          i did my first one this week. it is a VLAN TOP 10 UTIL report which i published into Orion.

          first, i made the report in Report Writer then went into MANAGE VIEWS, and ADD A RESOURCE and selected this one - REPORT FROM ORION REPORT WRITER:

          i navigated to the report and then gave it a Title and published it into the web server and it will sync data anytime the Report refresh occurs.

          hope this helps...

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              Im sorry I dont think I phrased that right.

              Im trying to get the custom report I created to show up on my additional web server.  Im trying to schedule the report to run in report scheduler and none of the reports I create or showing up on the additional web server.  I may be wrong but I think they have to show up there first so I can get the url to imput into the report scheduler.

              Is this correct or am I way off?

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              NM I figured it out.

              Its as simple as UNCing the reports from the polling engine server to the web server.  No Synching needed.